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The Vascular Biology Working Group has been an enormous resource to both the academic and the practicing cardiology community. EndQuote

William E. Boden, MD, FACC
Professor of Medicine and Public Health


Founded in 1997 as MEDCON, an independent medical education company, our professional culture is rooted in translating science for clinical practice based on research, needs assessment, outcomes analysis, and collaboration with academic institutions and physicians with expertise in selected therapeutic areas.

In 2010, MEDCON became Medtelligence. The team remains committed to providing educational support to the Vascular Biology Working Group (VBWG), an initiative that focuses on cardiovascular disease, diabetes, atrial fibrillation, and other areas of cardiovascular risk management. These ongoing CME initiatives provide peer-to-peer education through comprehensive curricula that are implemented over a 12- to 15-month period, allowing for optimal outcomes measurement.

In addition to cardiovascular disease and diabetes, we have developed educational programs in several other therapeutic areas, including congestive heart failure, neuropathic pain, depression, influenza, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and movement disorders.